LST Management Services is an independent partner for restructuring, value creation and corporate transactions. Reliable tailor-made solutions, efficiently and in partnership, implemented in a network that has grown and proven over 15 years.
The wealth of experience comes from our own successful transactions, restructurings and reorganizations within and outside our corporate group as well as from a team of experienced and specialized specialists and executives. We effectively identify the key value drivers and find the right actions. Our results do not result from a standardized approach, but are based on individual analyzes and years of experience in implementation.
The LST Management Services division also provides services in the areas of M & A, human resources, accounting, purchasing, logistics, knowledge management, marketing, IT and corporate development and digital transformation.

Headquarter Munich:
LST Management Services GmbH
Klugstraße 47A
80638 München / Deutschland
Branch Bonn:
LST Management Services GmbH
Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee 23
53227 Bonn / Deutschland